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SXnavo Vehicle Tracking System for India

SXnavo is a complete product and solution suite if you are looking for Intelligent Transport and vehicle tracking system in India. Designed and manufactured in India after thorough R&D and testing, SXnavo Telematics Solutions is one of the most advanced, and the most complete telematics solutions portal for India and other developing countries.
The product range of SXnavo is complete with solutions and products for all the sectors, and can be used for tracking very large fleet of vehicles in tough terrains to the auto-rickshaw plying near your home.
SXnavo solutions for:

  1. Intelligent Transport System
  2. School Bus Telematics
  3. Urban and Inter-urban Transport
  4. Solutions for Railways
  5. Passenger Cars and Taxis
  6. Truck Fleet Management
  7. Heavy Vehicles Management

SXnavo is built for stability in extreme conditions, and is perfected through years of research and testing. Current customers using SXnavo products and software suits and are happy about the outcomes, reducing their costs, improving the planning, boosting their bottom lines.
Cargo Monitoring, Solid Waste Management, Water Tanker Fleet Management, Trucking Management, Assets Monitoring, Cold Chain Trucking – are some of SXnavo solutions.
SXnavo comes from the house of Stesalit, known for developing embedded electronics and deploying electronic equipments meant to weather harsh conditions for more than two decades.
The group is currently under final appraisal stage at SEI-CMM-Level III and is already certified as an ISO 9001-2008 organization for development of different software applications.

    • Keep a track of your fleet – GPS and GIS based geospatial solution
    • Optimize your routes – Cut fuel costs, cut emissions
    • Keep a track on the driving – Integrated camera, Improve safety
    • Monitor vehicle conditions – Cut maintenance costs
    • Remote Alert and Control system – Intervene in emergencies
    • Passenger Information, E Ticketing – Improve convenience to your customers